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The perfect fit is very achievable with Sergio Grasso. First off, select your foot size in European measurements. For the next part you will need a friend to help, a chair and a tape measure. 


1)  Put on your riding apparel (jodpurs and the socks you would wear whilst riding in the boots). Now sit on a chair with your knee at a 90 degree angle, feet flat on the floor.  Have your friend measure from the floor to the crease at the back of your knee, then move the tape over until it is in the middle of the outside of your calf. (record this measurement—this will be the boot height).


2)   Now have your friend take the tape measure and find the widest part of your calf. Take the size by measuring around this point. Make sure the tape is flat and firm to your leg but not pulled tight. (record this measurement—this will be the boot calf size)


3)   From the chart above, find your foot size (across the top axis). Then look for your height measurement. The correct height is the measurement you took + 2cm. e.g. If you measured 44cm then your height will be 46cm. This allows for the drop at the ankle once the boots are worn and will avoid the boots being too short and not aesthetically attractive.


4)  The calf measurement is the second number. If your calf measured 37 you'd be a (foot size then 46/37).  The Sergio Grasso code for the boot is the number or letter down the left axis of the chart


5)   If you are at all concerned about your measurements/sizing or you happen to fall in between measurements, please call our friendly staff and we will provide advice to get you the perfect fit. 



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